The AirWave Cushion is a special anti-pressure cushion that makes seating more comfortable for your hips and lower back. This cushion helps to equalize pressure across the seating area by using a network of 38 cushions with air channels connecting them. The AirWave Cushion is an easy, portable, and effective way to encourage comfort while sitting.


How do you use the AirWave Cushion?

You simply place the AirWave Cushion on an office chair, armchair, car seat, park bench, wheelchair, or anywhere else you will be seated for a long period of time. The cushion does the rest. Whenever you move or shift in your chair, the cushion will self-adjust to contour itself to your buttock and upper leg to provide the perfect fit and extra comfort.


What does the AirWave Cushion do for your body?

The AirWave Cushion is designed to allow freedom of movement in your hip and lower back to help maintain joint motion, muscle activities, and circulation. When you move gently while sitting on the AirWave Cushion, it can help to ease back pain, hip pain, muscle tension, and joint stiffness in the hip and lower back. For anyone who gets sore backs from sitting, using the AirWave Cushion can make a big difference in how you feel every day.




Size: 46.5x38x4.5 cm

Weight: 0.5kg

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