The Ultimate Body Massage Chair for Your Home

Let’s be honest — growing up, we’ve all heard the same “sit up straight!” from our parents when they catch us slouching. But more than the mere position in which our bodies are held, our posture maintains balance and ensures that the least amount of strain is put on our supporting muscles and ligaments. Since many individuals, especially adults, spend hours on end sitting by a desk, the relatively static position must be immediately rectified so that we can remain productive and lead a healthy life. 

Of all the different ways to maintain good posture, it is a widely known fact that ergonomic chairs can boost your productivity levels in unrivalled ways. And just like the rise of ergonomics, there is a relatively new player in town that has been making waves — the ergonomic massage chair. Combining the best of two worlds — traditional electric massage recliner chairs and ergonomic chairs — this new seating solution offers top-notch comfort and ensures that you get quality rest when it’s time to log off.

Importance of Good Posture and Ergonomics

From our confidence levels to the way we look, there are more ways than one that our posture impacts life. By definition, posture refers to the way that you hold your body when sitting, standing or walking. Your posture dictates how well your body prevents excessive strains on areas such as your joints and muscles. It also minimises the risk of injury and the pain you may already be experiencing. But more than that, your posture plays a huge role in your well-being and overall health. Some of the benefits of maintaining good posture include: 

  • Increased confidence: Studies have shown that good posture gives you more confidence in your own thoughts. In the 2009 study by Ohio State University, for example, individuals who sat up while maintaining a good posture were indicated to be more likely to believe the thoughts they wrote down about whether they qualified for a job.
  • More energy: As odd as it might sound, poor posture can affect one’s energy levels negatively. This is because when your body is in correct alignment, your muscles will be used optimally, preventing you from feeling fatigued. When you sit or stand with the correct posture, your body and muscles will not have to work as hard to carry out basic functions.
  • Ease of breathing: When you slouch, you are compressing your lungs, which can lead to shortness of breath. However, when you alter your position by sitting and standing taller, your lungs will naturally have more space to expand, supporting easy breathing. 
  • Reduced risk of injury and pains: Ever heard of “tech neck”? The soreness that many experience by staring at their computer screen for a long time while taking on a forward head posture, “tech neck”, is caused by improper alignment. By taking on a proper posture, your joints and ligaments will be put under less stress and will be less subjected to chronic overuse. 
  • Boost in productivity levels: If you are in pain, feel breathless or lack energy, your productivity levels are bound to be impacted. Therefore, it’s clear to see that improving your posture will have a positive impact on your mental health as well as productivity.

Choosing Appropriate Seating Solutions 

Since gravity is always working against us, it will take time and effort to train your body to maintain good posture throughout the day. From doing certain core exercises to building flexibility in your hip muscles, several things can be done to ensure that your posture is optimally maintained. Of all these methods, the most convenient and effortless option would be to get a massage recliner chair. Contrary to popular belief, your seating solution of choice has the ability to lift spirits, calm the senses when unwinding, and do a whole lot more. 

Conveniently delivering massage therapy in the comforts of your own home, a massage recliner chair can reduce stress, tension and anxiety. Moreover, since these chairs are designed in a distinctive way, stiffened and sore muscles will relax, blood flow will improve, and pains and headaches will be alleviated. 

Introducing the Ergoworks Zero Gravity Massage Recliner Chair

Unlike the stereotypical electric massage chairs that take inspiration from kneading and gripping motions to extract deep knots, the Ergoworks Zero Gravity massage recliner chair has ergonomics taking centre stage in its construction and design. This collection of recliner massage chairs utilises Zero Gravity technology, allowing for the chair to contour to your body’s curves and deliver maximum comfort and a weightless feel. With a design that is based on NASA engineers’ ZeroG position, these massage recliners do not put any stress on your spine or vertebrae. As you lift your legs and feet to a position above your heart, it can also facilitate blood flow back toward the core so that you’ll feel relaxed. Adding to its appeal are its soothing heat features that can penetrate sore muscles for a more effective massage therapy session and its 8 individual large airbags that independently inflate and deflate when in Air Massage Mode, relaxing and relieving your sore muscles.

But that’s not all! Coming in an assortment of colours, these electric massage recliner chairs make for stylish furniture pieces that can be seamlessly integrated into your living space. Endorsed by The Chiropractic Association (Singapore) and the Singapore Physiotherapy Association, pick from the Brown Genuine Leather with Honey Wood FrameIvory Genuine Leather with Honey Wood Frame, or the Black Genuine Leather with Honey Wood Frame to experience the wonders of what this massage chair has to offer.    

Get Your Hands on Chic Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

If you are looking for a massage recliner that aces every aspect of ergonomics, look no further than the extensive selection of ergonomic Zero Gravity massage recliner chairs on Ergoworks. Our Ergo Sleep collection has all your ergonomic home needs covered. Contact us for more information on our selection of massage chairs and other essentials that will help you design a comfortable home perfect for kicking back and relaxing.