Is Online Learning Beneficial for Kids?


Parents have many choices when it comes to their children's education in Singapore. One of the most popular options is online tuition, which has many benefits for kids. Parents now have a convenient and affordable way to help their children study and work on their weaker topics. In this blog, we will discuss some of the key advantages of having online tutoring as part of your child’s study schedule.

What are the 4 Advantages of Online Learning?

1. Kids can learn at their own pace

Online tuition classes can allow your child to go at their own pace. This means that if they don't understand something, they can take their time to review it until they do. This is especially helpful for kids who struggle with academics or need more time to understand difficult concepts. Online tuition allows them to take as much or as little time as they need to master the material. Through these lessons, your child is able to make the most out of their time to process tricky concepts and retain the information better.

With this in mind, your child may benefit from this personalised approach to studying and revising that meets their needs. This helps them to progress faster and improve their comprehension of the material.

In addition, most online tuition classes provide an interactive learning environment where kids can ask questions and get clarification on topics they are struggling with. This helps them to stay engaged in the learning process and prevents them from falling behind.

2. Increased access to learning materials

Depending on your choice of online learning platform in Singapore, your child will usually have access to more learning resources such as assignments and exam papers. Online tuition may come with high-quality materials and instruction from qualified professionals. Your child can easily navigate these supplemental materials online while they are studying.

3. Concentrate better

As parents, it is important to recognise that there are different types of learning styles, and it's essential to know what they are in order to help your child learn best. Some kids learn by listening, some through taking notes, and others through visual aids. By knowing this, you can have a better idea of what your child needs to learn more effectively.

Online tuition usually caters to all types of different learning styles, making it the perfect option for kids who want or need a more tailored tuition approach. The interactive lessons and activities of online learning are usually structured to keep your child engaged throughout the lesson. They can accelerate through concepts as they see fit, encouraging increased attention during their revision time.

Your child may also use active noise-cancelling headphones for better concentration. Our TILDE® PRO headphones, for instance, are suitable for primary and secondary school children. With soft, comfortable ear pads, they're perfect for long study sessions. These headphones are also completely wireless, so your child can move around freely while they're wearing them.   

4. Save more time

Your child can learn whatever they need to know on their own time, without having to sacrifice other activities. Online classes can be flexible in terms of assignment submission, and your child can easily fit in an online class after completing their homework.

Get Your Child Ready

With schoolwork becoming more rigorous every year, parents are looking for ways to give their children an edge. One solution that many parents turn to is online tuition in Singapore. There are benefits of online tuition for kids, including increased concentration and focus. If you are starting to look into online tuition classes for your child, never underestimate the importance of having an ergonomic table and chair for kids for these sessions – especially for long hours of studying.

To help facilitate better studying, it is vital for your child to have a comfortable and ergonomic place to do their work. A study table that is designed specifically for children can make a big difference in how they perform while they are working. Not only do these tables make it easier for kids to focus on their work, but they also promote good posture and help prevent health problems associated with extended periods of sitting down.

Here’s a quick guide on deciding on the right kids' study table setup for your child to revise better. Shop kids’ study table at Ergoworks today.