How Ergonomic Chairs Can Boost Your Productivity in Malaysia

When you are busy working in the office at your desk in Malaysia, you seldom stop to think whether you are sitting in the correct posture or whether you are using an ergonomic office chair. We spend a large part of our time at work, and it is important to take care of our health as it affects our productivity at work and also our quality of life. Let us understand the causes of poor posture and the reasons you should use an ergonomic chair


What Causes Poor Posture and How Does it Affect You?

Let us understand what are the underlying causes of poor posture at work in Malaysia and how having a good ergonomic office chair can make a positive impact.


1. Improper Workstation and Chair Setup

An improperly designed office desk or chair, or your computer screen at the wrong height  can cause you to slouch over the desk or crane your neck while working and looking into the computer screen. Eventually, this can cause muscular or nerve pain due to improper circulation. For example, many Malaysian office goers experience a condition called ‘text neck’ which is a hunched posture caused by typing at a computer or texting on a phone. An ergonomic office chair can mitigate these conditions to provide your back and neck appropriate support.


2. Improper Sitting Habits 

Many Malaysians who work in offices may have gotten used to improper sitting habits which can be classified as poor posture and could lead to several health problems. Leaning on one side while you sit puts your spinal cord and back muscles out of alignment. If you are in the habit of crossing your legs while sitting in your office chair, it causes your pelvis to be stretched, and the spine is thrown out of alignment, which puts additional strain on your back muscles and spinal discs.


3. Sedentary Work Style

Prolonged sitting in your office chair without intermediate movement weakens the core muscles, your glutes and leg muscles. When the core muscles are not strong, it puts more strain on your back, and pelvic region.


The Effects of Bad Posture

Poor posture at work is the main reason for chronic back, neck and shoulder pain. For many Malaysians, a prolonged habit of sitting in a hunched forward position in their office chair can lead to headache and jaw pain due to the tightness in neck muscles. The digestive system is affected as well, because slouching compresses presses on the abdomen and digestive tract. This can cause heartburn, and slow digestion leading to nutritional problems. Poor posture and the resulting pain affects your productivity, making you feel tired and unenthusiastic.

Why is it Important to Maintain a Good Work Posture?

A good work posture is crucial to stay healthy and fit at all times. It goes a long way in ensuring  that your health remains at an optimum level, allowing you to be active and productive. It relieves the chronic pains you have developed due to bad posture, which in turn makes you productive and more motivated at work. You should consciously practise sitting straight in a healthy and comfortable position, and make sure that you invest in a good ergonomic chair in your office in Malaysia.

Buy Duorest Gold Renewal Chair for Best Ergonomic Sitting Posture

One of the main reasons Malaysians experience bad working posture is having improperly designed office chairs which don’t allow you to sit in an ergonomic or healthy posture. 

The revolutionary Ergoworks Duorest Gold Renewal Chair is arguably the best ergonomic office chair for back pain today. Let’s see the amazing features which sets this chair apart as a complete ergonomic office chair in Malaysia:


  1. Authentic DUOREST System: The chair is equipped with an original German design patented in 1988.  This perfect ergonomic back care system cares for your spine by equally distributing the spinal pressure on both sides of the back muscles. The dual backrest design allows the chair’s width & height to be customised to every individual’s body shape and size.
  2. Adjustable Back Rest- The amazing backrest design on this chair offers intensely comfortable and dynamic support to your entire back. The backrest has 3D connectors which follow and support each individual user’s spine and back as the user changes posture in the chair. 

  3. Neck Rest: The neck rest height can be adjusted for height and tilts to support the users head when they lean back on the head, thus relieving the pressure on the users head and neck.

  4. Armrest: The armrest can be adjusted to support the user's arms comfortably. 

  5. Ergonomic Chair Mechanism: The engine of the chair is smartly designed with a professional grade auto sensing tension feature with synchronised title with lock system, and one click seat depth is adjustable to perfectly adapt to user height. 

  6. Assurance of a Pioneer Brand: The chair is designed by Ergoworks – the original and pioneer ergonomic brand founded nearly 2 decades ago. 

  7. Quality and Durability: Our ergonomic office chairs have a proven track record of being durable and high quality, an investment that will last for decades. We provide professional after sales services for 15 years, so you never have to worry about your office chair running out of replacement parts, or about changing the upholstery on your Duorest Gold Renewal chair which is designed to last forever.

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