Upgrade Your Home Office with these 3 Key Ergonomic Accessories

Did you know that the position you spend the most time in at work may not be good for your body alignment? You can probably tell from that familiar stiffness or even pain in your neck and back areas, having spent long hours at your desk. In fact, more suffered from back-related problems in Singapore when working from home. To give your back the support it deserves, it’s time to make a change and create an ergonomically-friendly home office!


Whether you are looking for an upgrade to your home office or just need some new accessories, this blog post will help guide and give you ideas on what to purchase.


Consider these Ergonomic Accessories for your Home Office


It is beneficial for your overall well-being if you’re already using ergonomically designed furniture in your office. However, on days you’re working from home, it is equally important to incorporate proper ergonomics into your own home. In order to regain the correct posture while working, consider introducing the right equipment into your personal workspace at home.  


1. Height-adjustable desk


For starters, you’ve probably heard of the importance of taking occasional breaks to stretch in between work. Whether it’s getting up for a drink of water or attending to your kids, this can help to relieve the tension that builds in your back and avoid the common pains. If you find yourself always hunched over your laptop in your home office, you can break out from the forward bending position with a height-adjustable desk - a popular fixture for many offices in Singapore.  


When sitting down, simply adjust the desk such that your arms are placed comfortably at a 90-degree angle. Besides taking regular breaks from sitting, you can easily switch to standing from time to time with your height-adjustable desk. This ergonomic type of desk can offer a myriad of benefits when you’re making improvements to the sedentary work lifestyle.


This also comes in handy if you have other family members using the same desk for other tasks. That way, your loved ones are able to position the desk height according to their needs for a correct sitting posture.


On the other hand, to make the best out of your existing desk, you can also consider other makeshift viewing solutions like laptop stands to bring your screen to eye level. When carrying your laptop on the go, this portable accessory is worth considering to enable an upright posture anywhere you work. 


2. Ergonomic chair with lumbar support


With your desk settled, it’s now time to take a look at your chair. Anyone has a tendency to slouch over time as they tire but the right office chair design can come in handy during those long sitting hours. Ideally, your home office chair should promote healthy curvature of your lower back while you’re seated down. Shaped to support your back, consider ergonomic office chairs built with lumbar support. The structure of the chair can make a difference in reducing the weight placed on both your back and spine. This ensures that you are sitting in a way that doesn't cause back pain or other problems! Additionally, these can come with other feature adjustments at the headrest and armrest areas, allowing you to find the most comfortable fit for your individual needs.


Alternatively, you can add a portable backrest cushion to your current chair that can serve the same function just as well.


home office 2


3. Wrist support

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, it is common to feel the fatigue in your wrists slowly settling in after typing for the past hour or two. To reduce the strain in your wrist, a quality wrist support will keep your hands from hurting and allow you to type more comfortably. This can also help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries from repetitive work-related activities.


Upgrade Your Home Office Setup Today

By improving the way you work at home, not only can it improve your posture in the long run, but it’ll also help to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with desk work. While it may seem like it’ll take a lot of time and money to buy the essentials, it doesn’t have to be when purchasing from Ergoworks. Ready to increase your work-from-home comfort? For ergonomic office chairs and other accessories, start discovering your options online at Ergoworks today.