Office Trends of 2022: The Rise of Ergonomics


There is no denying that the workplace has experienced a dramatic shift in the past two years. From the way we do work to how we interact with colleagues, many are constantly pushed to think about the next steps for their company amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially as 50 per cent of employees who can work from home are allowed to return to the office from January 2022 onwards, it may be a good time for managers to consider redesigning their workspaces, one that both clients and staff will love.


We’ve previously covered the trend of dynamic work arrangements, with more companies allowing a mixture of in-office and work-from-home (WFH) for their employees. Yet, as the pandemic continues, how can you make sure your employees are working together effectively and what should you do to prepare for these changes? In this blog, we take a look at some of the most anticipated office design trends:


What 2022 trends are transforming the workplace?


1. Covid-friendly workspaces


This can include wider spaces between desks and higher partitions. An unassigned seating environment may also be adopted where five desks can be shared among ten team members who are in and out of the office. This would, however, require employees to clean the desk after use. You may also want to ensure that there are sufficient masks, hand sanitisers and antibacterial wipes within reach.


2. Home-like environment


For employees who are most productive at home, you can also make your office feel more welcoming and comfortable. Regardless of your employees’ individual needs, they will surely appreciate the implementation of ergonomics in the workplace. This applies in office chairs that adjust to fit each individual’s body size, desks with built-in technology, and standing desks which allow people to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. These changes have led to more focused employees who no longer spend their entire day slouched over a computer screen or struggling to find comfortable seating. Ergonomic products such as standing desks help to reduce pain in joints and muscles while also providing increased focus, energy, and productivity at work.


3. Noise cancellation


Your employees may also seek out spaces for more productive work. This is where soundproof office pods will come in handy. These private meeting booths are an innovative concept in offices that allow for your staff to have their own space without worrying about distractions from coworkers or noise from outside influences. They are perfect for any kind of work environment in Singapore because they cut out noise so people can focus on what needs to get done.


Soundproof office pods can also provide privacy for meetings with clients or colleagues, making it easier to concentrate on tasks at hand. Alternatively, you can equip your office with noise-cancelling earphones. This offers another way for your employees to have noise-free calls without being disturbed by surrounding noises.


4. Fully virtual


Additionally, permanent work-from-home policies can become a norm. In fact, some companies have gone fully remote and rely 100 per cent on virtual work. With this switch, it has also enabled them to explore the opportunity of finding talent overseas. Locally, there are also firms in Singapore that have allowed temporary remote work from overseas while reuniting with their loved ones.


With this flexibility presents a new set of processes, encouraging companies to go the extra mile to support employees who are working from home. From organising team check-in sessions to providing ergonomic office furniture like desks and chairs, these are some of the ways to foster and maintain a strong workplace culture - whether your team is working in the office, remote or hybrid. 


To drive these transformations in your own company, you may explore our range of Ergo Office furniture to ensure your staff works effectively from anywhere in Singapore. At Ergoworks, discover how you can increase employee satisfaction and boost your company culture this coming 2022.

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