A Guide to Office Phone Booths and Pods in Singapore


Do you work in an open office plan? You're not alone. With an open-concept workspace, you can easily collaborate with colleagues and communicate with managers or supervisors. But while open offices may be trendy, they come with a downside: a lack of privacy. If you need to make a confidential call or have a private conversation, where can you go? An office phone booth may be the solution.

What is an office phone booth?

We’ve previously touched on the idea of office phone booths for companies with hybrid work arrangements in Singapore. If you’re not familiar, office phone booths or pods are cosy, enclosed spaces that give you the privacy you need to make calls or have conversations without distractions. They're perfect for businesses that want to provide their employees with a quiet place to work, and they can also help improve productivity by cutting down on outside noise. Here are some other benefits of installing office phone booths in your workplace.

  • Increased productivity – When employees have access to a quiet, private space to take calls, they're less likely to be distracted by their surroundings. This means they can focus on their tasks and get more done.
  • Noise reduction – In some open-plan offices, the noise can range up to 65 decibels, making it hard to concentrate on work. To combat this problem, soundproof phone booths can help to reduce noise levels and create a more conducive work environment.
  • Savings on renovation costs – Instead of constructing new meeting rooms with expensive partitioning walls, these office pods are a cost-effective alternative to meet the demand of more private spaces. The use of these small, modular pods are also perfect for modern day businesses because they can be easily installed without having any impact on current operations.

What to look for in an office phone booth

1. Space

If you're thinking about adding an office phone booth to your workspace, you should first consider the size of the booth. It should be large enough to accommodate at least one person. If you frequently have team discussions, you can also find office phone booths that can accommodate up to four people.

2. Acoustics

Second, think about the sound insulation. The better the insulation, the more privacy you'll have. Testing out different phone booths can help you decide on one that will work best for your desired sound quality. This is a must-have feature for these types of pods.

3. Additional features

Office phone booths usually come equipped with a small desk to place your laptop as well as a chair. However, you can also consider phone booths that come with extra functions to ensure comfort for employees who are working in there for a few hours. To maximise your booth experience, the Kolo Acoustic Series offered by Ergoworks also comes with personalised lighting, custom designed airflow vents and built-in charging stations. The airflow vents are particularly important to provide healthy and comfortable working conditions. A phone booth with poor ventilation can quickly become uncomfortable and unpleasant to use.

4. Design

Finally, its appearance is important – you'll want a phone booth that looks professional and fits in with your office decor. Ergoworks’ range of office phone booths are just what you need to make your workplace look great and feel comfortable. 

Add more “rooms” at ease

Whether it's co-workers talking or the sound of phones ringing, it can be difficult to concentrate at times. Phone booths or pods can come in handy to improve the productivity of every employee. With office phone booths, you can make the most out of your available space without having to renovate.

In addition to this, your employees can also make use of noise-cancelling wireless headphones whenever the pod is occupied. That way, even when the office phone booth is unavailable, they can still get some peace and quiet to concentrate on the task at hand. Discover more options at our stores in Singapore today.