7 Best Ergonomic Gifts for Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner and that only means one thing — the gift-giving season is officially arriving, and you’ll have to get your spot-on Christmas gift ideas for every person on your good list ready. Whether you’re already in the middle of planning out your Christmas shopping or have begun your online shopping escapades, we at Ergoworks have put together a list of coveted Christmas gift ideas that are sure to get everyone feeling festive. And by “coveted Christmas gift ideas”, we mean the best of what the world of ergonomics has to offer. Regardless of whether you are searching for something for your never-satisfied nephew or your gymaholic best friend, we’ve got you covered with Christmas gifts that they’ll be thrilled to find under the tree. 

1. For the Little Ones

Every year, there is a brand-new toy trend that makes the jaws of the little ones drop. From the coolest tech gadgets to the latest gaming consoles from revered brands that have been around for decades, choices are aplenty when it comes to gifting the kids in your life. However, if limiting screen time is a New Year’s resolution for you and your family, going for practical gifts that they can use is something you can never go wrong with. For the little ones that will be returning to school for the new academic year in January, an ergonomic school backpack from our Ergo Junior Collection can be very developmentally appropriate and impactful. The best backpack to maintain good posture and spinal health, getting them an ergonomic school bag will be a worthy investment that will bring forth several benefits that they’ll be able to reap for years beyond their childhood. 

Check out our guide on how to choose the right back-to-school bag for your kid and complete the set with ergonomically designed drinkware. Boasting features like Japanese Anion Technology Elements in addition to its outstanding and modern design, our range of BPA and odour-free and stain-resistant drinkware also make great stocking fillers!

2. For the Gamer

Be it a casual gamer or a completely obsessed one, there are two things that your favourite gamer will cherish for years to come — a new gadget, which you can never go wrong with, and a gaming-related gift that will help elevate the aesthetic and comfort levels of their set up. While gifting them nostalgia-inducing collectibles are a surefire way to bring a smile to their faces, your video game aficionados are sure to appreciate something from our Ergo Comfort catalogue. To ensure they keep their spine in the best position possible, consider the Ergoworks Integrated Folding Seat Cushion or Dr. Ho’s Perfectback Rest which provides ultimate comfort and support, and helps with even weight distribution when seated. Since long hours of typing can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, keep their wrists on the desk in a neutral position with arm and wrist solutions like the Fellowes Mouse Pad - Wrist Support with Microban Protection. It is also designed in a soft and durable LYCRA covering that withstands daily wear and tear and keeps their mouse from sliding around all over the place. Alternatively, if you’ve decided to go all out, and the gamer in your life likes to sit at a desk, getting the best PC gaming chair for them will most probably make their year.

3. For the WFH Freelancer

Let’s face it — those working from home might seem like they have it all going for them. Capable of working in the comforts of their own home and free to shift their schedule around, it might seem like they are living the dream, so what exactly can you get them this holiday season? To make any freelancer or remote worker happy, it is best to gift them something that will improve their productivity. And since it has been made clear that ergonomic office chairs can boost productivity levels, tapping on the benefits of ergonomic chairs with lumbar support and backrest cushions will make for a meaningful gift. After all, an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support is one of the key ergonomic must-have accessories to upgrade any home office. Browse our Ergo Office collection and view our extensive range of ergonomic office chairs that are designed to provide maximum support and comfort while reducing the pressure put on the spine and promoting healthy posture. 

4. For the Audiophile

For those obsessed with music a tad bit more than the average joe, the art of listening to music is a way to become one with the tunes they love. This makes finding gifts that will impress even the snobbiest audiophiles a challenge. Your safest bet, however, is something that will make the tunes they are listening to sound as good as the true audio quality. This means getting them a good pair of noise-cancelling earbuds or wireless headphones that can produce audio that is clear and well-balanced. Introducing the TILDE® noise-cancelling headphones that are designed for ultimate portability and a true first-class auditory experience. Designed and made in France, wireless, Bluetooth-enabled headphones like the TILDE® S+ PRO Premium Headphone supports up to 18 hours of audio streaming through Bluetooth and have unique technologies that can turn down ambient noise so that you get the best auditory experience.

5. For the Workout Loving BFF

Know someone who cannot go a day without breaking a sweat? Buying fitness-related gifts for outdoor and gym enthusiasts can be a tricky feat since more often than not, they know exactly what they need and like. With so many brands pushing out the latest and greatest workout gear and tech, adding a well-being or gains-enhancing option into your seasonal gifting agenda just might do the trick. If you’re looking to surprise your fitness-loving friend, check out our Ergo Active catalogue which is a treasure trove of worthwhile ergonomic gifts. The desk bike, for example, takes the standard office chair up a notch by enhancing their workouts even while at work. To help keep your favourite health enthusiast motivated, consider Ergo Health accessories like the Smart Band. The Tenvis HR is not only dust and water-resistant, but is also chock-full of cool features, such as a 24/7 heart rate monitor that provides insight into your health.

6. For Mum and Dad

Although sourcing the best gift for your mum and dad might feel like an impossible holiday mission, the perfect one does exist. And since shopping for a thoughtful gift for your parents requires some digging, why not consider the ultimate body massage chair for your home? The Ergoworks Zero Gravity massage recliner chair has ergonomics taking centre stage in its construction and design. This collection of Zero Gravity massage recliners is the perfect way to thank your parents for all their hard work and aid them in having a chill day at home. Designed to recline them into a ZeroG position, which is the ideal massage position, let your parents leverage the various features like the Air Massage Mode and Soothing Heat to enjoy a relaxing massage right in the comforts of their own home.

7. For Your Grandparents

Ask any grandparents what they would like this holiday season, and they are most likely to say that your presence will be the best gift for them. But let’s be honest — something special is always welcome. Since getting sufficient sleep is important and Singaporeans are said to be amongst the world’s worst sleepers, why not help your grandparents get some much-deserved rest? Equipped with the understanding that pillows can affect your sleep, our Ergo Sleep collection features an expansive selection of ergonomic pillows like the TEMPUR. Designed to conform to the natural curves of the neck and shoulder muscles, give your grandma and grandpa a gift that will allow them to relax while all other discomforts are alleviated.

Impress Your Loved Ones this Holiday Season with Ergoworks

If you are looking for the best selection of ergonomic gifts for Christmas this year, look no further than the extensive selection of everything from ergonomic noise-cancelling earphones to ergonomic backpacks on Ergoworks. Whether you have your eyes set on the lightest ergonomic school bag for your little one or a gaming chair and wireless Bluetooth earpiece for the gamer in your life, we’ve got all your ergonomic gifting needs covered. Contact us for more information on our selection of ergonomic office chairs and other essentials that will help you ace being the best gift-giver this holiday season.