Anti-Snore Pillows: Are They Effective?

We all know how frustrating snoring can be to sleep through. A lot of people suffer from snoring and this is, in fact, not an uncommon phenomenon in Singapore. However, it's not just a minor inconvenience. While snoring is a natural process, it can cause problems for the person snoring and those nearby. With that in mind, it’s important to know what causes this condition and from there, discover how anti-snore pillows can help.


What Causes Snoring?


Snoring is often caused by an obstruction of the airway. This can either be due to a lack of muscle tone or excess tissue in the throat region. The sound produced during snoring will vary depending on how compressed the airway becomes when muscles relax at night and tissues become swollen.


As a result, not only does this noise interrupt the sleep of the person next to you, but it can also interrupt your own sleep cycle. You may feel tired in the morning and find it hard to perform at full capacity in your day-to-day responsibilities. In order to find a solution, many people turn to anti-snore pillows which are designed with specific features to keep your head propped up so you don't fall asleep on your back or stomach.


If you find yourself or your loved one struggling with this issue, it might be time for an anti-snore pillow. But do they really work?


How Anti-Snore Pillows Work


Anti-snore pillows are first and foremost designed to keep your head upright while you sleep so that your tongue does not fall back into your throat - which may hinder breathing. They are also proven to reduce the frequency and severity of snoring by using a design that aligns the head in different positions so your airways stay open while sleeping. More importantly, besides reducing snoring, the right type of pillow can also be specifically designed to maintain optimal spinal alignment.


Our USA-patented Anti-Snoring Contour Shaped Plus Ergonomic Pillow, for example, features built-in spines inside the pillow. This enables the most ergonomic support possible for various parts of your body, including the head, spine and back muscles. Here are some additional benefits when buying an anti-snore pillow that’s ergonomically designed to suit your sleeping needs:


1. Align your spine throughout the night


Regardless of the way you sleep, you may wake up from the common pain or stiffness of an awkward sleeping position at times. This is the case when sleeping on regular pillows, which flattens out over time and can cause body discomfort.


Whether you sleep on your side or back, our Tempur Symphony pillows can conform to your natural curvature. Available in various sizes, you can easily find the best fit to give you just the right amount of comfort for a blissful rest.  


2. Help with sinus problems


Have you been struggling with sinus issues in the morning? This is another condition that can affect your quality of life in the daytime. As anti-snore pillows can help to improve airflow, they may also come in handy in easing your persistent sinus symptoms to wake up feeling refreshed instead.   


3. Portable versions available

Even if you’re traveling often, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your sleep quality. Our Tempur Travel Pillow can be conveniently packed in a travel bag and will become your go-to for every trip - so you can sleep better wherever you go.  


Ready for a Goodnight’s Sleep?


Sound like something worth trying? Here at Ergoworks, rest assured our extensive range of products is professionally endorsed and recommended by The Chiropractic Association (Singapore) and the Singapore Physiotherapy Association. For anti-snore and ergonomic pillows, start browsing the lineup of pillow designs on our website. You can also drop by our showroom to test out the products before making your purchase.