With more people in Malaysia able to work in the office soon, it is time for managers to start preparing the workplace to accommodate their employees’ needs. From updating the office layout so everyone feels safe coming back to purchasing new furniture to welcome the newcomers, the office should be redesigned with employees in mind.

With that being said, office chairs are one of the most important items to have in your office as they help you maintain a healthy posture and minimise fatigue. We’ve previously covered the benefits of ergonomic chairs with lumbar support and backrest cushions, and if you are convinced, the next thing to do is to shop for your office chairs in time for your employees’ return to the office. Yet, there are many options on the Malaysia market but not all of them will fit your needs, so it's crucial that you know what to look for when buying an ergonomic office chair online. A quality ergonomic chair should be:

1. Made with durable materials

For starters, the type of material your office chair is made out of will have a direct impact on its longevity. The construction determines how long it lasts as well as its level of comfort while sitting in them for prolonged periods such as during work hours. Some might prefer leather for its inherent softness and ability to withstand wear-and-tear better than other types. Others may find breathable mesh materials more to their liking as it promotes airflow to keep any user cool, particularly in Malaysia’s weather. With the right fabric of your chairs, it can play a part in increasing productivity and encouraging your employees to continue performing their best.

2. Suited to your current workstation

Especially if you are planning to buy your office chairs in bulk, it is important to look out for the right fit that can match your existing workstations. If you have fixed height desks in your office, height-adjustable office chairs are a safe bet to match a range of desk designs and sizes. You can check if the store has a physical location and test it out yourself before making a decision. Make sure your feet can rest flat on the floor and search for footrests if needed. Some quality brands offer this as an option so look out for them!

Apart from height-adjustable office chairs, fixed chairs like our DUOREST Chairs are more appropriate for the pantry. Not only can they effortlessly match your office interior design, but this type of chair is also built ergonomically so your employees can have their lunch break in comfort.

3. Adapt to different body builds

Especially for companies with flexible work systems, hot desks are quickly becoming popular because they allow organisations to save money on real estate while also adapting themselves for changing work arrangements in the new normal. This essentially means that the office desks are shared between different employees on different days. As such, you’ll want to make sure the chairs can cater well to every individual’s needs.

Apart from seat height adjustment, there are a variety of office chairs that come with adjustable lumbar support, armrests and backrests. That way, you can have versatile chairs that are effective in reducing body aches and pains for any employee at work.


4. Come with warranty

Finally, when you’ve narrowed down your search for ergonomic office chairs, buying from a reliable furniture brand is a vital consideration that can give you peace of mind upon purchase. For example, you’ll want to confirm whether or not they have a warranty against defects. Here at Ergoworks, our warranty period ranges from 3 years to 5 years - depending on the chair model. Ergoworks on-site warranty is industry-leading and unrivalled in terms of coverage for all cost of parts, labour and transport during the warranty period. With 100% hassle-free total warranty coverage unlike other competing brands, our customers also have the option of purchasing extended warranty. More importantly, we offer brands like Duoflex and Duorest that are backed with over 16 years of history - a guarantee that the warranty will be valid in the future too.

With this information, you now know what qualities make for the best ergonomic office chairs. Make a worthwhile investment at Ergoworks today. Online shopping for office chairs has never been easier with in-depth descriptions available on every page for your convenience - this will help guide you towards finding a great match!

For more information, get in touch with our team or feel free to visit us at our stores today.