Is it the Right Time to Get New Furniture for Your Malaysia Office?

The recent spike in cases of COVID-19 locally has forced employers to default towards work-from-home (WFH) arrangements for their staff. On the bright side, empty offices can present an opportunity for employers to revamp and upgrade the current shared workspace. Quality office furniture can be a practical way for organisations to demonstrate that they are more than ready for employees to come back to work – in efforts to increase productivity and morale for returning staff in the near future.


When to Replace Office Furniture

Are you looking for the perfect office furniture to make your company look more professional? Are there any specific needs your employees have that are not being met by the current office furniture? If so, it is probably time to invest in new workstations.


For businesses that still aren’t sure if they should replace their office furniture, there are some telltale signs that changes have to be made in the office space. The first of which is wear and tear. Over time, the furniture and equipment within your space might age and wear out. Faulty wheels and squeaky hinges are clear red flags that things are breaking down and need replacement.


The second way to tell when it’s time to replace office furniture is when the office space fails to accommodate changing workstyles. In an era of personal health and fitness, many employees might prefer to stand while working. The combination of long hours seated down – combined with lack of movement – will eventually lead to back pain. Modular standing desks thus give them the flexibility of choice, while the old stationary desk built into a cubicle just doesn’t cut it.


Another clear mark that office furniture ought to be swapped comes with any shift in manpower. Considering that it’s been a good while since businesses were allowed back to the office at full strength in Malaysia, the headcount of many organisations might have varied heavily during the COVID-19 pandemic. An office welcoming new employees for the first time will require additional furniture. The best way to make a great first impression is with ergonomic office chairs, desks and accessories.


Here’s how you can shop for your ergonomic office chairs online – easily at your fingertips.


Where to Buy Office Furniture Online in Malaysia

There are ultimately many benefits to updating your office space. Not only does it help your employees to stay focused, but it also makes work more enjoyable. Some of the key features to look out for when changing office furniture pertains to ergonomics.


How comfortable employees might feel while seated in a particular chair, or standing at a particular desk, makes all the difference for productivity. An ergonomic chair with lumbar support is always a bonus for those hunched over their keyboards daily. Coupled with a height-adjustable desk, this ensures that every individual will be able to work the way they want.


In addition to that, companies may also consider installing office phone booths for privacy. No doubt during this period of WFH in Malaysia, many members of staff would have grown accustomed to the same amount of privacy that they get in their own rooms. Being able to replicate that in the office space is a huge boon, and conveys the amount of care management has towards employee well-being.


Refresh your office space today, and rejuvenate it with life as employees flood back to work. Shop online at Ergoworks now or visit our showroom in Malaysia to find out how you can best provide premium comfort for those under your charge!


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