As the Singapore government eases COVID-19 restrictions, more can return to the office besides working from home (WFH). Whether it’s to the dismay or elation of existing employees, an increasing number of companies have begun rallying the troops and making preparations for them to be physically present in the office space. For new hires, this is an exciting time - many began their professional careers remotely during the COVID-19 epidemic and will be stepping into their respective workplaces for the first time, literally.

Going from answering emails in the comfort of your bed to taking meetings in a stuffy conference room, such a return to offices isn’t without its own share of challenges. A vast majority might have gotten used to their setups at home, and the shift back to “normalcy” foretells a drop in productivity. How should organisations keep morale high and ensure productivity? The answer lies in an ergonomically comfortable work setup.

How to Create the Best Office Desk Setup for Productivity

1. Invest in ergonomics

Ergonomics, in most cases, refers to the way humans interact with their environment and how we might alter that environment to reduce occupational hazards and increase job satisfaction. Furthermore, productivity is also inherently tied to the office environment. Simple things that provide additional comfort such as an office chair with backrest support, versus a stool with no backrest, make all the difference for someone sitting down for up to 8 hours a day. Crucially, investing in quality ergonomic office accessories also lets your employees know that their comfort means more to the organisation than dollars and cents, and that you place their well-being ahead of the bottom line.

2. Encourage movement

An ideal office setup also promotes movement in a largely sedentary routine. Incorporating a sit-stand desk allows employees the option of more activity. The adjustable height of the desk, coupled with creative viewing solutions, opens the playing field for a myriad of desk arrangements, encouraging employees to keep changing positions while staying on the move. Employers may also consider locating common areas in the office, such as the pantry, a small distance away from the common workspace, thereby ensuring that employees have a reason to get up and stretch their legs every once in a while.

3. Have the essential computer accessories

Yes, that includes cables, wires, and extension cords. An eyesore at best and downright frustrating at worst, jumbled-up wires are not only visually unappealing but make for poor cleanliness. Take a cursory glance at your workspace the next time you’re there and try to identify how many loose wires there are. Now imagine how much tidier that same desk would be if those cables were managed properly. A pro tip is to use a cord wrap or an easy cable management system to set all those pesky wires into place.

4. Have rubbish bins nearby

On the topic of cleanliness, positioning rubbish bins strategically in the office is a huge boon as well. In a perfect world, every workstation and respective employee would be equipped with their own rubbish bins for personal use. This makes clearing any desk clutter a simple task and encourages everyone to maintain their workspace.

5. Add plants

Defeat the stereotype of drab and monotone colour palettes in the office by introducing some fauna to liven up the environment. In fact, the benefits of having plants around the office extend past mere decoration. Studies have shown that the colours we see often affect our moods, and the colour green is known to evoke a calming sensation while putting people at ease!

Get Started

Investing in the comfort of employees can be significantly beneficial for managers and organisations alike. The difference between a run-of-the-mill desk chair and that of an ergonomic chair with lumbar support is massive for someone who dedicates a third of their day to the office. Whatever your ergonomic office needs, Ergoworks has the solution. Drop by our stores in Singapore to optimise your office today.


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